Friday, August 1, 2008

High Schoooool

Although I don't like to admit it, I'm not very good at looking at things through different perspectives. I'll analyze the bejeezes out of a situation as it comes, and then as soon as the ordeal is over I'll forget about it, never stepping back to take a look at the possible method behind the madness. But as fifteen or so of my fellow high schoolers and I huddled in a group prayer, all covered in the remains of water balloons and shaving cream, I thought ahead to what high school might have in store for myself and everyone else. Then my mind drifted to what the past three years of middle school have meant to me, and I began looking at everything with new eyes.

To be brutally honest, I couldn't stand middle school. I couldn't stand the curriculum, the work, the drama, the fakeness of some of the students, the stereotypes, and on and so forth. I've never been so frustrated as when I was at WCMS. Yes, I'll admit, I did have some great times with friends, but the bad times almost outweigh that. At first thought, I'd really rather forget about it and never look back.

But then came the "new perspective." It hit me that through everything, God had been teaching and molding me, even when I was too ticked off to notice. Everything in my life up until now has been put there in order to help me prepare for the next four years of my life. Through every high and low there has been a lesson learned. Nothing should be forgotten because in one way or another God has used it to help me grow as a Christ-follower. And I'm proud to say that I'm definitely not the same as I was three years ago, or even one year ago. It's becoming a little clearer.

I'm also extremely excited for high school. Not for the work, mind you, but for the things I'm going to experience. Driving, high school youth group, meeting new people, growing in God, and growing as a person. I know there's going to be more problems and that life is definitely not going to be smooth, but focusing on God and being who He created me to be is definitely helping me to prepare for those situations.

I'm just super excited. Like you don't even know.
K goodnight. :]


shoots4life said...

this helped me so much
i really need to change the way i
i thought i dressed ok but i guess thats just my standards!

thanks morgee

shoots4life said...

k so i totally posted that in the wrong spot..haha
oh well im sure you know where it is supposed to go!