Thursday, September 4, 2008

So, There's This Rad Band Called Underoath...

And I personally think they're awesome. Not just because their music is so radical your face almost peels off your skull, but because of who they are and Who they represent.

Most UO fans know that during the 2006 Warped Tour they took a brief "hiatus"... anyone know why?

According to an interview between AP and UO, tensions had finally risen to the surface when a band member admitted his addiction to cocaine to the rest of the group.

Their first reaction? Leave him. Their initial instinct was to call it quits with him. Then someone asked, "Aren't you guys supposed to be 'Christians'? Aren't you supposed to help him instead of leaving him?"

At that point they realized the hypocrisy of it all. From then on they've worked on making their faith more genuine as well as their love for each other.

I think this is an excellent portrayal of Christians in real life. Yes, our ideals are sky-high; and yes, we have a heckuva time living up to our own standards [or rather, God's standards]. For that reason we're often called hypocrites- we say one thing, then do another. But the reality is that NO ONE is perfect, not even Christians. We all screw up. Every. Single. Day. That's a part of being human.


A true Christ-follower acknowledges their hypocrisy; they not only acknowledge it, but work hard to eradicate it. The Pharisees back in Jesus' day were hypocrites, too. But the difference between the Pharisees and true Christ-followers is that the Pharisees had no intention on having a relationship with God or improving their faith- they just enjoyed bullying the other Jews. A true Christian will, however, with the help of God, "throw off the things that hinder and the sin that so easily entangles."

By the way- the guy is still addicted to cocaine. But, just as God promises, he's been staying clean through opportunites God's given him. He loves to tour and play music- it's his God-given passion. And because of that passion and that dream to continue touring, he's stayed clean so that the cocaine won't throw him off. The Bible says, "He will not test you beyond what you can bear" and that He will provide a way for you to avoid that sin. For this guy it's touring. See, Christians still struggle with crap like this, too. I was chin-deep in self-destructive habits well into my 2nd year of accepting Christ. But God kept His promise to me too, and I myself have been "clean" of those self-destructive habits for almost a year now [praise Jesus!!];

So. Underoath is pretty sweet. Even if you don't like their style of music, you've gotta give them respect for staying together and continuing to follow Christ. They're out there representing God and His message. They're glorifying Him. There is no nobler task.
Love always in Christ,

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